SEG SC UB proudly present:

Seminar by Supreme Energy: "Integrated Multi disciplines in Geothermal Energy Development and Future Career Path Opportunity" 

Geothermal energy falls under the category of renewable energy source because the water is replenished by rainfall and the heat is continuously produced inside the earth. Geothermal energy is derived from heat within the earth. People can use the steam and hot water created inside the earth to heat buildings or produce electricity. Wondering what makes the water so hot? Geothermal energy is produced in the earth’s core.

“Reliable geothermal technologies are in demand worldwide. Even countries with a long experience in geothermal energy such as Indonesia and New Zealand are interested in the results acquired in I-GET,” says Dr. Ernst Huenges. Therefore, we hope that this “I-GET” will give the necessary push to the geothermal research. GFZ is currently establishing an International Centre for Geothermal Research, which will, focus on carrying out application-oriented large-scale projects on a national and international level.

Saturday, November 30th 2013. M.P 2.3-2.4. at 08.00 am
Facilities: certificate, snack, lunch, block note
Registration: Rp.15.000 for member and Rp.20.000 for non-member
Register Hadiani(081555970621) atau Dwi(085737018157)
with format short massages: Name_ Majors_Generation

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