SEG UB SC Honorary Lecturer was held on april 4th 2016 At Mipa Center Building, University of brawijaya. With the lecturer Mr. How Wei Chen From NCU.

Formal director of CCG, lab computional seismology
-          3D Ray theory, wave propagation simulation RTM migration and full wavepform inversion, application include GPR, EM
-          Numerical methods FDM, PSM, SEM, Hybrid PS-FDM and Parallel Computing
-          Earthquake seismology relates study exploration the earth with MCS/OBS and seismic data
-          Rock physics and rock mechanic
Outstanding Research Topic
·         Emergency Trend in earthquake and exploration seismology studies
- Dynamic Range, from Narrow to Broadband
- Acquisition, array concept, 2D to 3D: Beyond critical angel
- Data transformation: Shat/receiver/CMP/super-gather
- Infusian: different data type
·         Passive mode: microseismic
·         Active mode : sea land Long offset experiments
How to link there issues with a unified approach?
-          Understand how the earth system try to dissipating the excess energy through earthquakes, volcanic eruption 

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